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VCC International

Paying Application Fees

Pay VCC International application fees through Flywire and include the Flywire Payment Reference Number on the Application Form.

  • With Canadian Funds: Choose “Canada” as the country of origin, and pay by a Canadian credit card.
  • With Foreign Funds: Choose the country where the funds are paid from.


Paying from Outside of Canada

Flywire Pay Now button

Students can make an international payment through VCC's Flywire international payment portal by a method of their choice, depending on the country.

Payments-alert-icon-40Refund Processing Time if Paying via Flywire

If the refund is requested and deemed eligible, Payers will experience a faster refund processing time if the initial payment was made through Flywire. In most cases, the processing time for Flywire refunds is half of the standard refund processing time listed on our website. For the current refund processing time, refer to the Refund Processing Time page.


Paying from Canada

Students with Canadian funds may pay their tuition and fees from within Canada. The payment methods include the following:

  • Canadian Credit Card – Pay via myVCC using Plastiq
  • Online banking from a Canadian bank
    • Payee: Vancouver Community College
    • Account Number: VCC Student ID Number
  • Bank draft, money order, or certified personal cheque - submit to VCC's Campuses and payable to "Vancouver Community College"
  • Cash
    • VCC does not accept cash payments above fifty Canadian dollars ($50). 

Payments-alert-icon-40Refund Processing Time if the payer is not the student:

If a refund is requested and deemed eligible, there may be a delay in the refund processing time if the fees were initially made by someone who is not the student. For the current refund processing time, refer to the Refund Processing Time page.


Go to myVCC

Enter your student ID

Enter your password

Click Pay fees/Tax forms

  • If you have refreshed your password, you will be asked to login again and answer your security questions.
  • At first login you will be asked to login again, change your password and enter your security questions,

Click Make a payment

Select the term 

  • The term for tuition deposit payments is indicated on your offer letter.
  • Installment payments are indicated on the invoice that was sent to you.

Enter amount

  • The amount indicated owing is on your offer letter or invoice (if not already entered)

Click Submit

Verify amount


  • Paying with Interact, click Submit
  • Paying with a credit card, click Pay Now (please note that extra charges will apply)
  • Follow the steps for your chosen payment method to complete the transaction.

If cheques are not honoured where drawn, VCC will immediately exclude a student from class and assess a charge on all cheques returned by the bank. Students who pay for tuition or other fees with cheques for which there are insufficient funds or who place a stop payment order on their cheques are only permitted to make subsequent payments by cash, credit card, money order or certified cheque. 

A student must pay any fees owing to VCC before re-registering at any campus or obtaining any official record of grades. 

A service fee is charged for returned NSF cheques. 

VCC does not allow students with outstanding tuition fees to attend classes and discontinues such students from the program or course. Re-instatement into the program or course requires permission from the dean as well as payment of outstanding debts. VCC charges a re-instatement fee in addition to the regular fees. Outstanding debts are sent for collection. 

Payment Receipts

Students may request receipts upon successful payments.


Receipts for Tuition Deposit Payments

Students are encouraged to pay tuition deposits via Flywire when possible, as this is the fastest way to obtain a payment receipt for immigration purposes.

  • Flywire Payments: Students can download the official VCC receipts from Flywire to use for Study Permit applications.
  • In-Person Payments (cash and debit card): Students will be issued official VCC receipts from the Student Accounts Office directly at the time of payment.
  • Other Payment Methods: Receipts for payments made by online payments and wire transfers are emailed directly to students from as soon as they are available. Receipts are generally available approximately 1 week after the payment is received by VCC.


Receipts for Other Fee Payments

Students may request official VCC receipts by emailing