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Agent Representation

Using an agent representative is not a requirement at VCC. Students may choose to apply on their own, or an agent may refer and help students apply to VCC.

Include Agent Information Upon Application

Students Applying on Their Own

Students Previously Enrolled at VCC

Request to Change Agency

Commissions Payment Schedule


Include Agent Information Upon Application

Agency information must be included on the top of the student application form. Upon signing the application forms, students authorize VCC to include their agents in admissions-related email communications.


VCC-approved Agents

VCC-approved agents with a valid agent agreement must include their VCC agent codes on the application forms to be eligible for commissions.


Non-VCC Agents

While non-VCC agents without a formal agent agreement are not eligible for commissions, they may still represent the students as long as the agency information is listed on the application forms.


Students Applying On Their Own

Agent information added after students apply on their own are not considered agent referrals, and will not be eligible for commissions. 

Students may submit the Consent for Release of Information to release their admissions information to an agent. However, commissions are not payable.


Students Previously Enrolled at VCC

Agents will not be eligible for commissions if students were previously enrolled at VCC. This includes students who have withdrawn or graduated from VCC.


Request to Change Agency 

Change of agency is not permitted for commission purposes. While students may request to use a different representative, commissions are paid to the first referring agency only.

If a student’s application is unsuccessful and withdrawn, a re-application from a different agency may be accepted upon the approval of VCC's Manager of International Marketing and Recruitment.


Commission Payment Schedule

VCC-approved agents with a valid agreement may be eligible to receive commissions for successful student referrals. Here is the estimated payment schedule for 2021 based on the following term start dates:


Term Start DatesEstimated Payout Month
February 1 - March 15, 2021 May 2021
March 16 - May 15, 2021 July 2021
May 16 - July 15, 2021 September 2021
July 16 - September 15, 2021 November 2021
September 16 - November 15, 2021 December 2021

The above schedule is estimated and is subject to change without formal notice. For other details regarding commissions, please refer to your VCC agent agreement. 


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