VCC International

International Advising

International students are a valued part of our VCC community. The VCC International team are here to assist you with information and advice.

  • Program application and registration assistance
  • International student academic advising
  • Letters for Study Permit extension, Confirmation of enrollment
  • Medical insurance (private and Medical Services Plan)
  • Immigration advising related to study permit, work permits (practicum and post-graduation work permits), and off/on-campus work eligibility
  • Referrals to services within and outside the College
  • Book an advising session with a VCC International Student Advisor



A Mentee can be any new international student enrolled in a full-time program that is at least 5-months in length at VCC and who wants to be part of the International Peer Mentor Community. As a Mentee, you will meet with your team regularly throughout the term, participate in events organized by VCC International Education and have the opportunity to build friendships and hear more about the services available at VCC and around the community.

Mentee’s Responsibilities

  • Communicate regularly and effectively with your peer mentor and with your team
  • Attend one-on-ones, scheduled meetings, and activities with your peer community
  • Take the initiative, be on time, and engage throughout one academic VCC term
  • Show genuine interest and ask questions
  • Attend the ‘Meet Up’ event to meet your mentor and other mentees
  • Obey the VCC Education Support Policies
  • Apply the experiences and skills learned from your mentor and fellow mentees in the future!

Benefits of being a Mentee

  • Receive one-on-one support from a mentor
  • Meet people and make new friends from different backgrounds and cultures
  • Learn how to find resources and connect with different departments at the College
  • Get the chance to socialize with other students within the community
  • Learn about Canadian culture and help you overcome homesickness and culture shock
  • Participate in events and fun activities organized by VCC International Education

Request a Mentor (for new international students)


Volunteer Opportunities

VCC International is looking for enthusiastic and outgoing international students in our career programs to help out at upcoming events.  Please send an email to ieservices@vcc.ca if you would like to volunteer!  A few examples of volunteering opportunities include New International Student Orientations and special on-campus events.


Graduating Students

During your final term at VCC, use these helpful links to IRCC, MSP, income tax and job search resources

Current international student questions can be sent to ieservices@vcc.ca.