Diploma Portfolio (VCDP 2490)

Students will select design projects, in a variety of formats and mediums, to finalize their portfolios in preparation for exhibition and graduation. They polish and refine their brand identity to promote the development of the skills, methods and collateral necessary to obtain employment in the industry. Students will be complete the program with various portfolios for different uses; a web portfolio, an ePub portfolio, printed booklet and an interactive PDF. Simulated portfolio presentations will support students in being persuasive and the value of their experiences and creative vision.
Course code: VCDP 2490
Credits: 3.0
Tuition: $0*
Length: 54 hours
Course outline: view https://www.vcc.ca/cfm-files/course-outline.cfm?subject=VCDP&number=2490


Students must be enrolled in the Visual Communications Design Diploma with a minimum GPA of 2.0 (60%)

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