ASL Literature (SIGN 3500)

ASL Literature was always a small part of the ASL acquisition course. This course explores the literary forms and themes that are particular to works produced by Deaf people themselves, for example, storytelling using number or alphabet handshapes and visual rhyme, ASL poetry, Deaf Humor, 'Deaf Rap', etc. Students view examples of these forms on videotape, analyze and discuss them and they also practice their own ASL storytelling techniques, retelling literary pieces and composing original works. The aim of this course is for students to have the opportunity to experience the creative work and to appreciate signed literature beyond the scope of the narrative. Understanding the background, cultural and linguistic community of the signers will also be emphasized.
Course code: SIGN 3500
Credits: 3.0
Length: 48.0 hours
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SIGN 2500.


SIGN 3100, SIGN 3200, SIGN 3300, SIGN 3400.

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