Nursing Clinical Practice 6: Care of the Acutely Ill Adult (NURS 3264)

This course focuses on the nursing knowledge, skills and abilities required to provide complex care and manage critical health changes encountered in high acuity. Selected medical-surgical conditions are simulated in the laboratory to prepare the student for the clinical environment. Students draw on existing knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to perform assessments of body systems affected by pathophysiological states. Nursing knowledge regarding the physiologic changes and responses to trauma, surgery and acute medical illnesses is integrated. The nurses' role in collaborating with the physician and multidisciplinary team members to meet the holistic needs of the client is emphasized. The cooperative clinical experience supports the consolidation of learning.

This course is part of the full-time Nursing (BScN) Advanced Entry, Nursing (BScN) Year 3 Entry Programs.
Course code: NURS 3264
Credits: 9.0
Tuition: $0*
Length: 270 hours
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NURS 3160, NURS 3163, NURS 3164, MATH 1111, NURS 3265


NURS 3262, NURS 3263, NURS 3266

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