Nursing Clinical Practice 6: Care of the Acutely Ill Adult (NURS 3264)

This course expands the professional practice themes including focused and comprehensive nursing assessment skills, self-regulation, knowledge application, psychomotor skills, evidence-informed care, collaboration, leadership, organizational skills, patient safety, and relational practice. Students apply the nursing process as a foundational framework for clinical reasoning and decision-making with highly complex persons experiencing multiple acute health issues in the acute care setting. Clinical practice including nursing labs, simulation and clinical experiences provides an opportunity for integration of theory. Theory from nursing science, other sciences and humanities informs practice.
Course code: NURS 3264
Credits: 9.0
Length: 270.0 hours
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NURS 3160
NURS 3163
NURS 3164
MATH 1111 or equivalent
NURS 3265


NURS 3262
NURS 3263
NURS 3266