Clinical Mental Health (NURS 3164)

This clinical course will provide students with opportunities to apply relational practice to the establishment, maintenance, and termination of therapeutic relationships with clients experiencing psychiatric-mental health challenges in the acute care setting. Students will engage with community mental health services. Students identify how Social Determinants of Mental Health influence the lives of individuals and lead to the exacerbation or amelioration of mental health issues. Theory from nursing science, other sciences, and humanities informs practice.
Course code: NURS 3164
Credits: 3.0
Length: 90.0 hours
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NURS 2261, NURS 2263, NURS 2264, NURS 2265, NURS 2266
NURS 1357, NURS 1358, NURS 1359, NURS 1399


NURS 3160
NURS 3163
NURS 3265