Mental Health Nursing (NURS 3160)

This course focuses on mental health, mental illness, and addictions in the Canadian context. Psychiatric disorders are discussed with a focus on the applications of the core concepts of relational nursing practice. Examples of these core concepts are: the determinants of health and well-being; therapeutic, interprofessional collaboration with clients and families; cultural safety and humility; and trauma-informed practice. These core concepts will be integrated throughout the course.
Course code: NURS 3160
Credits: 6.0
Length: 90.0 hours
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NURS 2261, NURS 2263, NURS 2264, NURS 2265, NURS 2266
NURS 1357, NURS 1358, NURS 1359, NURS 1399


NURS 3163
NURS 3164
NURS 3265