Pharmacology A (NURS 2105)

This course examines the principles of pharmacology required to administer medications in a safe and professional manner. Medication administration requires the application of the nursing process for clinical decision-making. The various routes of medication administration are introduced. Complementary, Indigenous, alternative remedies, and polypharmacy across the lifespan are explored. The learners will gain an understanding of pharmacology and medication administration across the lifespan. Also included are the topics of substance abuse and addiction.
Course code: NURS 2105
Credits: 2.0
Length: 60.0 hours
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Admission to the Access to Practical Nursing Program


NURS 2101 - Professional Communication A; NURS 2102 - Professional Practice A; NURS 2103 - Health Promotion A; NURS 2104 - Variations in Health A; NURS 2106 - Integrated Nursing Practice A