Professional Practice 2 (NURS 2002)

This course examines the legislation influencing PN practice with clients experiencing chronic illness and those in complex care settings. Specific professional issues such as responsibility, accountability, ethical practice and leadership relevant to the PN role in residential care will be explored. Critical thinking and decision making specific to the care clients with chronical health challenges and interprofessional practice will also be addressed.
Course code: NURS 2002
Credits: 1.0
Length: 21.0 hours
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NURS 1007 - Consolidated Practice Experience 1


NURS 2001 - Professional Communication 2; NURS 2003 - Health Promotion 2; NURS 2004 - Variations
in Health 2; NURS 2005 - Pharmacology 2; NURS 2006 - Integrated Practice 2