Workplace Communications (FSCR 0630)

In this course, students practise the basics of effective communication and conversational skills such as appropriate greetings and introductions, the use of eye contact, active listening skills, handling criticism and conflict, giving and taking direction. Topics also include identifying the difference between public and private information, and rights and responsibilities in the work place.

Emphasis is on building self-confidence and self-esteem, identifying personal strengths and areas that require improvement, giving and receiving feedback effectively and problem solving. Students practice effective leadership skills through watching videos, modelling of instructors and being a kitchen leader for their classmates. Students participate in goal setting learning activities throughout the term. Students will prepare for a successful practicum interview.

Students build an awareness and understanding of what effective customer relations mean and develop a positive and professional attitude towards customers.

Instructional strategies include, but are not limited to, lecture, classroom discussion, demonstrations, experiential learning and practice.

This course is part of the fulltime Food Service Careers (Adult Special Education) Program.
Course code: FSCR 0630
Credits: 3.0
Length: 75.0 hours
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