English Language Skills 1 (ELSK 0701)

This course provides ongoing English language support for learners of English as an additional language as they acquire the skills of a Health Care Assistant. To ensure learner success, this course focuses on development of study skills, reading skills, writing skills and strategies for vocabulary acquisition to enable learners to understand and discuss course concepts, materials, and procedures accurately. This course develops interpersonal professional communication skills in class and in clinical with an emphasis on clear and appropriate speaking and effective listening. It also includes developing an awareness of workplace expectations, culture and appropriate language. Reading, writing and interactive communication (listening and speaking) skills are taught concurrently and in conjunction with topics in the Health Care Assistant Level 1 curriculum. Upon completion of English Language Skills 1, learners have the communication skills required to provide personal care for clients in a complex care setting and to interact with clients and health team members.
Course code: ELSK 0701
Credits: 7.5
Length: 150.0 hours
Course outline: view https://www.vcc.ca/vccphp/courseoutline?subject=ELSK&number=0701


Admission to the Health Care Assistant/ESL Program


HRCA 1103; HRCA 1105; HRCA 1120; HRCA 1122; HRCA 1130; HRCA 1140; HRCA 1135