Chemistry 11 Part 1 (CHEM 0861)

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of chemistry, including the scientific method, measurement, safety measures in a laboratory environment, density, elements and compounds, properties of matter, early atomic theory, atomic mass, nomenclature, percent composition, mole and molar mass, balancing equations, stoichiometry, gases and heat in chemical reactions.

Both Chemistry 0861 and Chemistry 0871 are required for completion of ABE Advanced level Chemistry.

It is recommended that Chemistry 0861 be taken before or at the same time as Chemistry 0871.
Course code: CHEM 0861
Credits: 4.0
Length: 96.0 hours
Course outline: view
Campus: Broadway Broadway


English 10 or equivalent; Precalculus 11 (successfully completed within the last 3 years), a minimum score of 72% on the Intermediate Algebra Math Assessment or equivalent; if the math prerequisite is not met, MATH 0861 must be taken at the same time as CHEM 0861.

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