Automotive Collision and Refinish Common Core Apprentice Level 1 (ACRP 1101)

This 7 week (210 hour) course provides the Level 1 technical training component of the Provincial Auto Body and Collision Technician program and, the Automotive Refinishing Technician program.

Major topics include occupational safety, tools and equipment, welding/cutting/heating processes, organization and documentation, metal and plastics repair and replacement, automobile construction and surface preparation/refinishing.

Upon successful completion of this level of technical training students are eligible to write an ITA Standardized Exam. The VCC training grade is blended with the ITA Exam mark at 80%/20% to determine an overall final grade. Students achieving a blended grade of 70% or greater are eligible to:

- receive 210 hours ITA Work-Based Training credit;
- advance to Auto Body and Collision Technician Level 2;
- advance to Automotive Refinishing Technician Level 2.
Course code: ACRP 1101
Credits: 9.0
Length: 210.0 hours
Course outline: view
Campus: Broadway Broadway


Students must be registered apprentices in the Automotive Collision, Refinishing Prep, or Refinishing Technician trades with the Industry Training Authority of B.C. (ITA) and have received an Apprentice Identification number.

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