VCC International

How to Apply

Admissions Procedures


Check program availability and admissions requirements. As we continue to receive more applications than program capacity, availability changes on a daily basis. Program seats may be open when applications are submitted, and seats may become unavailable when applications are reviewed. Apply as soon as the application period is open to increase the chance of getting an offer.


Submit a complete application package to VCC International Education Office during the application period.

A complete application package includes the following:

- VCC International Education Application Form
- Application fee (non-refundable)
- Assessment fee (non-refundable), if applicable
- Official transcripts and certified translations (if applicable)
- Proof of English Proficiency
- Other program-specific requirements (if applicable), such as portfolios, typing test, reference letters, etc.

NOTE: Incomplete applications will not be reviewed, and students will not be accepted, registered or waitlisted for the chosen program. Applications will only be accepted if submitted during the application period.

3 An official Offer of Admission is issued to qualified applicants for an available intake. Note that the processing time is approximately between 4 and 6 weeks.

To secure the seat in the program, pay the tuition deposit before the deadline (usually within two weeks). The amount and payment deadline are indicated on the Offer of Admission.

5 Apply for Student VISA with the Offer of Admission and tuition payment receipt. Students must provide proof of their study permit by the deadline indicated on the Offer of Admission. If students do not inform the VCC International Education office of the status of their study permit by the deadline, the program seat may not be guaranteed, and students may be deferred to the next available start date.