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Workplace Communications (FSCR 0602)

This course covers the following topics:
Effective Communication
Student review the basics of effective communication and conversational skills. Appropriate greetings and introductions, the use of eye contact, non-verbal behaviour, and listening skills are practised. Topics covered include handling criticism and conflict, being a good listener, knowing the difference between public and private information, and communicating your needs effectively. Students also learn about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Students complete the Superhost Fundamentals course.
Students learn to discriminate between passive, assertive and aggressive behaviours and to understand how each behaviour will affect co-workers and supervisors at the work place. Students learn to talk about how feelings and emotions affect their performance and attitude at work. Topics include building self-confidence and self-esteem, identifying personal strengths and areas that require improvement, giving and receiving feedback effectively and problem solving.
Customer Relations
Students build an awareness and understanding of what effective customer relations mean and by developing and demonstrating a positive and professional attitude towards customers.
Interview Skills
Students learn to prepare themselves for a job interview, how to present their strengths and qualifications, and to ask and answer questions relevant to the interview. Students practice their skills through role-play.

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