Workplace Communication (HOCR 0643)

Effective Communication: This part of the course covers the basics of conversational skills and stresses the benefits of using effective communication. Appropriate greetings and introductions, the use of eye contact, nonverbal behaviour, and listening skills are practised. Students also learn how to: discriminate between passive, assertive and aggressive behaviour; handle constructive criticism and conflict, identify the difference between public and private information, initiate and maintain conversations, choose suitable topics of conversation, and maintain confidentiality.

Guest Relations: The hospitality industry's foremost goal is to provide exceptional customer service to the guests. In this portion of the course, students learn how to provide superior customer service by using effective listening skills, acknowledge the uniqueness of every guest, develop positive interactions through the elimination of bias and stereotype, communicate non-defensively, and how to use empathy to calm a frustrated guest. Students participate in role plays to practice conversing with and assisting guests with their needs. Students learn communicate effectively with guests, and provide information about the community as well as in-house facilities and services. Students complete the SuperHost FundamentalsÖ® Workshop as part of this course.

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