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Technology in Education (ADED 3303)

Technology in Education surveys key issues and concepts involved in the use of technology to support and enhance learning. Participants review the history of the computer in education, the evolution of the internet and the development of relevant learning theories. This course also explores the variety of ways that instructors can employ the computer to support learning and conduct instruction including the world wide web. Participants use the computer as both learner and instructor during the course. This is not a technical course. Rather, it introduces participants to some of the tools currently used both in the classroom and online. However, participants are asked to create an e-learning object such as a web page. This assignment is done online and involves interaction with the instructor. Prior to taking this course, participants need to be able to use a word processing program with typing skills of at least 15 wpm, manage files, create and send e-mails with attachments, and use a web browser.

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