Retail Food Industry (RETS 0664)

The following topics are covered:
Introduction to the Retail Food Industry
Students discuss their reasons for wanting to work and their personal objectives. Employment and industry related terms and vocabulary are provided. Tours are arranged with a variety of retail food stores and supermarkets to give the student information about the diversity of food store environments. Students learn how different companies operate, their histories and community identities, and the types of entry level work performed.
Harassment in the Workplace
The retail food industry practices a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any form of workplace harassment. Students learn what harassment is, how to respond to it, and the consequences for workers who harass other workers. Students are supplied with the harassment policies of large supermarket chains so they can see how harassment policies are implemented.
Math and Metric Measurement
Students learn how to sort beverage containers returns according to size and amount of refund. Students practice counting and adding by 5s and 20s and how to use a calculator effectively at work. Students learn about litres, millilitres, grams and kilograms as these metric measurements are often used in their work. Students who wish to pursue cashier training in the future participate in a cashier screening tool to test their ability to memorize codes, follow sequential operations, and handle money.
Orientation to the Retail Food Workplace
Students learn the specific policies, procedures, and forms used by the program partners so they are able to abide by and follow the policies and procedures on their work placements.

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