Preparatory Music Theory 2 (MUSC 1033)

Preparatory Music Theory 2 is the second of a two-course sequence that introduces beginners to music rudiments and the basics of music theory. In level 2 students continue to learn and increase fluency in the fundamentals of reading and writing music notation. New Music Theory topics include setting words to music; rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic cadences; reading and writing pitches in C-clefs, compound intervals, phrase structure, basic harmonic analysis in different musical idioms.
MUSC 1013 or equivalent.
It is highly recommended (but not required) that students also take MUSC 1021 Preparatory Musicianship 2 and MUSC 1064 Preparatory Class Piano 2 concurrently.

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BWY-A  - TBATo Be Assigned
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1800 - 1929
to 30-Apr-2020
Greene, Thomas

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