Practicum (OADM 1456)

During this period, the student is assigned to a two-week practicum in a law office or legal department of government or business to gain practical experience in applying the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program. Instructors supervise the practicum in consultation with the practicum sponsors. Criteria for practicum placement are based on successful completion of all legal courses. Student must, at all times, maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the legal work to which they are exposed during this practicum. Students may be withdrawn from a practicum without notice if it is determined that the student has divulged confidential information or has failed to meet the expectations of the instructor and/or practicum sponsor (i.e. lateness, lack of attendance, poor attitude, lack of initiative, etc. - guidelines as outlined on practicum evaluation).

 course outline

* Note: The CRNs listed below could be restricted to specific program areas.

CRN Fee Campus - Room Day(s) Time Date Instructor
OFFSTE TBATo Be Assigned
TBATo Be Assigned
to 31-Jan-2020
Cofman, Mindi
OFFSTE TBATo Be Assigned
TBATo Be Assigned
to 26-Jun-2020
Demeulemeester, John

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