Practicum 1 (HOCR 0651)

Students are given the opportunity to experience their first community employment site within the Housekeeping division of local accommodations providers. This practicum is four weeks in length. As with all practica, students are given a site orientation, informed on how they will be evaluated, given their work tasks and informed of industry standards and any production rates. Upon completion of the practicum, students review their interest and aptitudes. The student's areas of strengths and needed improvement are identified. This practicum provides an opportunity for the student to work alongside workers in the hospitality environments, observe the skills of current industry workers and to obtain an understanding of the day-to-day operations.

The first practicum is used also to assist the student in assessing their aptitudes and abilities, generic work habits and social skills. At the end of this practicum, it is expected that students will be well-versed in the various career opportunities available within the Housekeeping division. Students evaluate their performance and create an action plan for their next practicum.

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