Orff Teacher Training Level 1 (MUSC 4501)

Level I is a two-week course designed to immerse educators in the learning process of Orff Schulwerk, developing an understanding of this approach to teaching. It includes hands-on training in rhythm, melody, Orff instruments, elemental movement, soprano recorder, Orff theory (pentatonic scales, bordun, ostinati, orchestration for Orff barred instruments), as well as Special Topics sessions. Special Topics sessions may include choral techniques, folk dance, world music traditions, yoga, staging and other topics. Guest teachers will be announced.

Successful completion of an approved Level I course with a grade of at least 80% provides participants with the opportunity to continue training in Level II. Enrolment is limited to 24. This course is credited with 4 upper division credits.

* Note: The CRNs listed below could be restricted to specific program areas.

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