Mend, Transform, Renew (FASH 1117)

Mend, Transform, Renew approaches visible mending as a form of fashion practice. It is a way to research, create, inspire, design, and problem solve. In this course, we will investigate creative process and transform textile waste through applications informed by acts of mending and repair - resulting in outcomes that are guaranteed to inspire new design ideas and applications, and business ideas. This thought-provoking course is designed to create opportunities to address failure in the creative design process, explore materials, and transform design decisions. Visible mending is more than just a visual act of mending and repair - it can be applied to create sustainable practices in fashion and textile design. Bring to the first session: Scrap fabric, thread, sharp scissors for cutting fabric, hand sewing needles, scrap paper, pen, sketchbook, permanent marker, pencil crayons or markers, and camera (phone cameras will do!). Additional supplies to be discussed in the first session. (18 hours) This course requires learners to have basic sewing experience. If you have successfully completed FASH1154 Beginner Sewing 1 or FASH1118 Introduction to Industrial Sewing Machines (or have other relevant experience) you may use our industrial sewing machines. Otherwise, you are welcome to use one of our domestic machines, or bring one of your own.

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