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LINC 8 Half Time (LINC 0618H)

LINC 8 is offered to new immigrants and Permanent Residents of Canada. Students study at Canadian Language Benchmark 8 for listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course focuses on the development of language skills for successful participation in community, workplace and school activities. Students gain knowledge about life in Canada and build the confidence to independently access community services and resources. Language skills are developed in a task based and interactive way, making use of ‘real’ life materials and situations, to ensure learning encompasses socio-cultural
understandings and is relevant to the lives of the students and situations they may encounter.

Prerequisites: Three Level 7 Benchmarks as determined by a CLB placement test or a LINC course completion with recommendation to enter Level 8

* Note: The CRNs listed below could be restricted to specific program areas.

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