LINC 6 Blended Learning (SETL 0616H)

The LINC Program is based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks, which are seen as a continuum of complexity and demand across three stages of language development. LINC 6 is equivalent to the "Developing" level of ability in Stage II, Intermediate Language Ability. Students will study at Benchmark 6 for listening, speaking, reading and writing. They will develop skills in a variety of contexts and modes such as face-to-face, on the telephone and through digital media.

The CLB 2012 Document outlines four competencies consisting of 'Interacting with Others', 'Giving Instructions', 'Getting Things Done' and 'Sharing Information' that are used to develop skills in a task-based and interactive way, making use of 'real' life materials and situations to ensure learning encompasses socio-cultural understandings. The course content helps students gain knowledge about community resources and life in Canada, and helps students build confidence and independence in their ability to access services and participate in Canadian society. In addition, students learn to develop strategic competence in their language learning and life goals. Essential skills such as inter-cultural skills, working with others, and following instructions are integrated into the curriculum.

Prerequisites: Three Level 5 Benchmarks as determined by a CLB placement test or a LINC course completion with recommendation to enter Level 6

 course outline

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