Electronic Music I (MUSC 1102)

This course is intended for composers and other musicians interested in exploring further digital and other electronic media for the creation of music and multimedia works.  In this course (seeing Electronic Music II as a continuation), there is a particular focus on sound synthesis, introducing synthesis techniques such as sampling, and advanced sample processing, FM, additive, subtractive, and physical modeling synthesis, primarily using computer synthesis software. A certain amount of the necessary background in psychoacoustics, and basic principles of acoustics as applied to sound synthesis will be covered in the first term. Students will also be introduced to the history, aesthetic issues, and current and future directions of electronic music in all current styles via listening and discussion classes that will happen on a regular basis.  Students will compose, realize, and produce a work in the digital medium each term.  By the end of the two terms of this course as designed, students should have the capability to compose, design, record, and produce advanced pieces of their own using entirely their own sounds.

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