Design Foundations (DGRD 1121)

The objective of this course is to provide students with a solid foundation in design theory and practice. All design assignments are computer-based utilizing industry standard technologies that are expected of graduates. It is the intention of this course to provide students with an understanding of the following design concepts:
- Formal elements of design
- Colour theory and practice
- Typography theory and practice
- Principles of design and composition
- Traditional design process
- The role of the graphic designer
- The field of graphic design

While working through the above design concepts, this course provides students with proficiency in:
- MAC OS environment
- Use of peripherals (digital camera, scanners, burners, printers)
- Adobe Illustrator (Intro to advanced)
- Adobe PhotoShop (Intro level)
- MSWord and MSPowerpoint

* Note: The CRNs listed below could be restricted to specific program areas.

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