Removable Prosthetics 1 (DENT 1240)

This theory and practice course builds on the knowledge, skills and techniques introduced in Dental Foundations in Semester One. The focus of this course is on removable prosthetic maintenance and the role of the dental technician as it relates to the oral health of the patient receiving a prosthetic. Included are laboratory skills of fabricating a complete denture, wrought wire, acrylic removable partial dentures; polishing and finishing complete and partial dentures and modifying, repairing and relining removable prosthetics.
Course code: DENT 1240
Credits: 6.0
Length: 180.0 hours
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DENT 1100 Dental Technology Foundations
DENT 1110 Biosciences 1
DENT 1130 Professional Practice 1
DENT 1170 Dental Laboratory Patient Care 1
DENT 1180 Digital Technology 1