Distance IV Therapy (HLTH 1315)

For students unable to attend the IV Therapy and Insertion course on campus, this distance option offers the same theory content and the ability to work at your own pace. Students will gain knowledge in locating sites, selecting equipment, insertion, adjusting flow rates, identifying complications, and selecting interventions for the adult patient receiving IV therapy.
Registrants need practicing license and employer’s ability to certify skills in the workplace.
Proof of current BC LPN or RN license is required to register.
Registration is on-going for this course. Students may register at any time, and have three months to complete the course.
To register, please call the Continuing Studies office at 604.443.8484

Required supplies: Students must purchase the required Student IV Therapy Kit from the VCC Broadway Bookstore. Please call the Bookstore directly for store hours (604.871.7000 ext. 5033)
Course code: HLTH 1315
Credits: 0.0
Tuition: $238*
Length: 7.0 hours
Course outline: view https://www.vcc.ca/cfm-files/course-outline.cfm?subject=HLTH&number=1315
Campus: Varies Varies


Proof of current BC LPN or RN license is required to register.

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