Mechanics 1 (PHYS 1170)

This course covers Newton's laws, kinematics, statics, and dynamics for particles and systems of particles, static and rotational equilibrium, analysis of structures, planar motion of rigid bodies, energy and momentum conservation. It is designed for engineering students. The emphasis of this course will be on solving problems.

Prerequisites: Physics 1 (PHYS 1100) and Calculus 1 (MATH 1100), both with a C-

 course outline

CRN Fee Campus - Room Day(s) Time Date Instructor
60664 TBATo Be Assigned
BWY-A - Rm. 3260
MWM-Monday, T-Tuesday,
W-Wednesday, R-Thursday,
F-Friday, S-Saturday,

1500 - 1659
to 25-Aug-2017
Tsui, Tyron

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