Language Skills Access (CCAC 0758)

This skills-based Grade 10 level course ladders into academic Grade 11 English, GED or health science prep courses. Students develop vocabulary, reading comprehension, sentence structure, writing skills and critical thinking. Students read a variety of genres including current event articles, academic essays, issue related fiction and respond to the reading to develop paragraph writing skills. Students develop the academic language to understand, discuss and edit writing through intensive grammar workshops.

CRN Fee Campus - Room Day(s) Time Date Instructor
41254 TBATo Be Assigned
BWY-A - Rm. TBATo Be Assigned
TBATo Be Assigned
TBATo Be Assigned
to 30-Apr-2017
TBATo Be Assigned
44814 TBATo Be Assigned
BWY-A - Rm. TBATo Be Assigned
TRM-Monday, T-Tuesday,
W-Wednesday, R-Thursday,
F-Friday, S-Saturday,

0900 - 1159
to 30-Jun-2017
Hills, Karen Jane

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