Introduction to Computer Programming 2 (CMPT 1020)

This course builds upon the foundation set in CMPT 1010 using a systems-oriented language such as C or C++. Topics include a review of the basic elements of programming; introduction to object-oriented programming (OOP); techniques for designing and testing programs; use and implementation of elementary data structures and algorithms; introduction to embedded systems programming.

Prerequisite: CMPT 1010 (Introduction to Computer Programming 1)

 course outline

CRN Fee Campus - Room Day(s) Time Date Instructor
60634 TBATo Be Assigned
BWY-B - Rm. 2212
MWM-Monday, T-Tuesday,
W-Wednesday, R-Thursday,
F-Friday, S-Saturday,

1030 - 1229
to 25-Aug-2017
Aboofazeli, Mohammad

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