Academic Writing 3 (CPEN 0885)

This is a course for students who need to improve their writing skills before entering Writing 0995. CPE 0885 is mainly an essay-writing course at the grade 11 level, with additional practice in paraphrasing, summary writing, and writing a research report according to a standard citation format. Students also learn to edit and redraft their own work through conferencing with the instructor.


  • Completion of CPEN 0765 with minimum 'C' grade or equivalent, OR
  • English Language Assessment (ELA) with minimums of 14 in essay, 40 in reading, 25 in speaking and 23 in listening OR
  • Canada Language Benchmark* (CLB) 7 with minimum 8 in Writing (*no CLBPT results)

 course outline

* Note: The CRNs listed below could be restricted to specific program areas.

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