VCC International

Admissions Procedures

VCC appointed agents assist student with applications. Here is the application procedure:


Before Applying

Check admissions requirements and find out program seat availability before submitting the applications.


Resources for Advising

Program Flyers

List of Program Intakes, Credentials, Lengths and Fees

ILAC & ILSC Pathway Program Chart

Program Seat Availability Status


Application Package

Email the complete application package to study@vcc.ca for initial assessment. A complete application package includes the following:

1. Application Form

  • Indicate VCC Agent Code on the top of the first page of the application form
  • Application form is to be signed by the student.

2. Application Fee(s)

  • For application fees and payments information, click here.
  • Include payment method on the application form.

3. Documents

  • Submit scanned documents for initial assessment.
  • Official transcripts and certified English translations should be submitted at the time of application or shortly after.
  • Other documents if applicable


Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

If students are admissible, an initial LOA (Letter of Acceptance) wil be issued. Information about tuition deposits and payment due dates will also be included on the LOA.


Tuition Deposits

VCC International will inform the amount of tuition deposits required to secure program seats. Seats will not be held for the students if tuition deposits are not received before the deadline indicated on the invoice.


Registration Information

Registration information such as class room locations and class schedules will be available on a later date, closer to the start of the programs.


Study Permit

Before the deadline indicated on the LOA, submit the following:

  • CIC confirmation letter that the student is granted a Student VISA (if applicable)
  • A copy of a valid Study Permit



VCC appoitned agents may contact the Manager of International Marketing & Recruitment via email regarding the admissions procedures.